Hey Everyone, As you know SMB SOLUTIONS is always listening to the clients needs. Our vision is to create small products which can solve business Problems.

As you know we have been working on ERPNext for past 3 years with 100+ implementations across various industries. (Gymns, Saloons, Restaurants, Retail, Manufacturing, Ecommerce etc.).

After our successful implementation with ERpNext for Saloons/Clinics/Restaurants/Gymns/Property Management/Manpower allocation/Biometric Integration, we have once again launched a new product around ERPNext.

It is NextToPOS…… A POS for ERPNext, which can work as standalone POS and in sync with ERPNext or any other ERP if needed.

Why did we take so much Pain to Build this product??

As ERPNext community is aware that there has been many issues related to the default POS and the community has been shouting for a better and scalable solution.

What problems does NextTOPOS solve ?

  1. It comes up with better look and feel.
  2. Its more scalable. As it can be installed on premise or online and can sync with ERPNext.
  3. Since it operates standalone, it will not load ERPNext instance and thus not impact the ERP’s performance.
  4. It helps you distinguish Sales Users and backend users more effectively. Since the instances are separate.
  5. It helps you sync, targeted products locationwise.
  6. Can work easily on mobiles & tablets.
  7. Your invoices will never be lost. (Recently lots of issues have been reported where invoices do not sync and are lost in ERPNext, and it becomes very difficult to track these invoices).

What does it take to get started with NextToPOS??

If you opt for NextTOPOS, we will share a URL of POS with you. You just need to specify the ERPNext URL in settings with username & password and press Sync. After all items & relevant content is sync’d, you are ready to get started.

You don’t have to install any module on ERPNext. We have done All Hard Work

on NextToPOS only, to make your Life Easy.

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