Complete Retail and Restaurant POS Software

All in one solution for your business POS needs

Automate Your Business Operations With Cloud ERP Software

Our cloud ERP software comes integrated with retail POS, Restaurant POS, and food delivery aggregators, allowing you to maintain and manage every single aspect of your business from one point. Oversee, modify, and maintain various facets of your business with RestoPOS and NextoPOS— the point of sale systems specifically designed for the restaurant business and retail business respectively. Automate order taking process and delivery with food delivery aggregators integration directly with POS software.

Our Products

RestoPOS provides you with streamlined restaurant operation and allows you to increase your business profitability, reduce administration time, maintain stock, and bring more customers with loyalty programs.
NextoPOS is designed to serve retail business and features essential elements to scale your business, provide faster and accurate service, increase efficiency, and improve your bottom line.
Our POS systems are unified with food delivery aggregators, allowing for a single inflow and outflow for a simplified ordering process. Manage menus, orders, and your visibility to the aggregator’s site directly from our ready to go online retail ordering system.

ERP Integration, Simplify Business Process

Get a complete business management solution with ERP integration. It offers a range of features and component to help you take care of all your business requirements in one place. Manage customer relations, manufacturing, projects, billing, reports and more with our cloud-based ERP solution.

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