Complete Retail POS System

NextoPOS is the one-stop-shop for all of your retail business POS needs. Whether you are running a clothing store or a grocery shop, the wide array of useful features available with NextoPOS will smoothen and step up your business operations. Designed specifically for retail business, the POS system comes with the latest tools that are developed around the needs of small businessmen.

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    Stay on top of your business operations with cloud-based POS

    With our cloud-based POS system, you can rest assured that your retail business will operate flawlessly regardless of the time, place, and the device you are using. NextoPOS gives you complete control on every aspect of your business at your fingertips. Our faster, more efficient, and multifunctional cloud-based POS software allows you to manage your inventory, sales and everything in between while staying ahead of your competition.

    Manage Your Inventory with Ease

    Stay up to date with your stock with our top of the line inventory management system. With NextoPOS, there is no limit to the number of items you can add to your inventory. We offer a well-optimised inventory management system to help you add, remove, modify your current stocks as per the need of your business

    Accounting System for All Your Retail Needs

    Accounting is the backbone of small business and our POS and accounting software is built around that belief. NextoPOS comes with an integrated accounting system so you can save time and resources on having to transfer your data every day. Get access to everything from sales, inventory, and the sales tax on a single screen.

    Retain Your Customer With Gift Cards

    Build a loyal customer base with our Customer Management system specially designed to retain your patrons. Our customer gift cards help you grow repeat business and grow shopper spend with ease. Save customer information during checkout and offer gift cards according to the dollars spent to expand on your customer database. Use vouchers and other offers to bring footfall to your business.

    Lightning-Fast Billing

    No more waiting lines at checkout with our fast billing system that supports multiple billing counters. NextoPOS’s retail billing software produces invoices with all the relevant details including company logo, product details, and tax information on the go.

    Keep Your Employees Happy with Transparent Employee Management

    Our out-of-the-box Employee Management system provides timely information to all your employees. You can monitor and review the number of hours each of your employees has worked in the week. Stay transparent and fair to your employees with clear leave and attendance policy. Our scheduling feature allows you to manage who should be at work on any given time and day.

    Keep a Tab on Your Expenses with Sales and Purchase Management

    Our reliable and integrated Sales and Purchase Management System allows you real-time access to all the information you need in an organised and convenient manner. Monitor sales, customer inquiries, quotes, marketing campaigns, productivity and more directly from your preferred device. Your sales staff can also access the data pertaining to their roles to manage their day-to-day work.

    Universal Hardware Compatibility

    Get fast and secure transactions regardless of the hardware you run NextoPOS on. Compatible with most hardware available at retail stores, NextoPOS saves you the trouble of finding proper hardware to run the system.
    First-Class Integration with Third-Party Software
    NextoPOS allows easy integration with third-party software to make sure you are in control of all your business aspects. Whether you need to add software for convenient payment options or one for the back office process, NextoPOS gets along with a large number of third party software to make it easier for you to run your business.

    Offer Your Customers a Choice Multiple Payment Methods

    With NextoPOS, you will be able to retain your customers by providing them with the payment options of their choice. Whether your customers opt for traditional payment methods or the ones powered by rapid development in technology, our free retail POS software has got you covered. Having multiple payment options also helps you in reducing long queues at checkouts, giving you time to serve more customers and grow your business.

    Pave Way For Your Business’ Growth with Reporting and Analytics

    NextoPOS keeps a track of all the essential information from all the aspects of your business. Our analytical tool gathers important data for you and creates an analysis based on the number of sales made. The information is presented in the form of comprehensible and insights that will make you run your business more efficiently.

    Multiple Users and Permission

    Add multiple users to our best Point of Sale system and manage them all from one place. Having multiple users allows you to share information on different aspects of the business. With a multi-user environment, you can increase productivity by having all your employees working on various business operations.

    Never Run Out of Stocks with Bulk Import System

    NextoPOS allows you to import items in bulk in a few simple steps. With our modern Product Import System, you can quickly add thousands of products to your stock levels. Our POS system allows you to import products using the names, reference numbers or barcodes.

    Manage Resources on the Go with Stock Transfer Between Stores

    With NextoPOS, you can simply reimburse your depleted stores by transferring stocks from your other stores. Transfer inventory and stocks between locations with insights from NextoPOS on maximum stocking levels and replenishment calculations. NextoPOS facilitates stock transfer by creating a transfer-out document and identifying the sending and receiving locations.

    Easy Order Placements With Online Order Aggregators

    NextoPOS is integrated with Talabat, allowing the transition of orders directly to your POS screen. Single order inflow and outflow process allow for a smooth ordering process. Our POS system allows you to see and manage orders from all sources on a single screen.

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