Readymade Food Ordering System and Restaurant eCommerce

Looking to bring your business online? We have the perfect website for you. We can help you bring your retail business online and provide you with a much larger platform to find new clients and operate your business. By bringing your business online, you not only grow your reach, but you also create a sense of truthfulness among your customers. We help you attain that by providing you with a fully automated e-commerce website that can take care of all your retail needs.

Our websites come equipped with everything you need to bring your retail business online and prospect new growth opportunities.

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    Online Store Front

    Create an online storefront for your business and get started with selling directly to your customer through the power of the internet. Sell what you want, where you want, and when you want with total autonomy on your online business operations. Add, remove, and modify products on the go. All you have to do on your part is to bring product images and detailed content and we will provide you with a full-fledged all-around e-commerce website ready to go live.

    Centralised Dashboard

    Everything you need to manage your online restaurant business will be provided right at your fingertips. Manage sales, customer footfall, products, and ordering system with the help of a simple UI experience. You can also pull data from multiple outlets to display directly on your screen. The centralised dashboard helps you ascertain the growth of your business and make effective decisions accordingly. Not to mention, all the time you save by having all the essential data delivered to you on a single screen.


    Coming online means connecting to your customers on an entirely new level. You can also create social media channels for your company and link your website in your posts to extend your reach. With the online storefront, you can transform your business into a brand that connects with people. Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, bakery or other eatery outlets, your online presence adds a boost to your growth and recognition.

    Seamless User Experience

    Our websites are designed around the needs of the businessmen as well as the customers. We want your customers to have a seamless experience while browsing and ordering from your site. Therefore, we create websites that are convenient to browse and make orders from. Besides, our website designs are logical and easily accessible, allowing your customers to have a good time while making purchases.

    Manage Your Products

    Manage all your products right from your website. Whether you need to create new orders or remove or modify existing ones, our complete e-commerce website solution helps you make most of your business. Develop products according to your target markets, make important decisions regarding products in real-time, and ensure quality in your service by managing all your products directly through your website.

    Multiple Payment Methods

    Our websites come integrated with payment getaways with additional support for promo codes. Provide your customers with payment options and proceed through the transactions quickly with our fast-billing feature. Your customers can also choose to pay through promo codes directly from your website.

    Talabfast - Talabat Inetegrated

    Our websites come with food delivery aggregators, which means you get a simplified ordering process with a single inflow and outflow. Easily create, edit, and manage menus and orders with our ready to go TalabFast-integrated website. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of manually selecting orders with our Talabfast integration. Copy order URL from the food aggregator’s website to your system and you are good to go. You can also choose to switch off your visibility at the food aggregator’s site if you are operating on a busy night.

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