All in one Cloud Based Restaurant POS System

RestroPOS presents a dynamic POS system specially designed to serve the hospitality industries. It features new, meticulously crafted functions that can help you manage every aspect of business operation including sales, inventory and customer management. RestroPOS is best suited for restaurants, eateries, and cafes. It is easy to install and implement and does not require any specific hardware to run. Get the all-round RestroPOS system and run your business most efficiently. 

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    Stay Above the Competition with Cloud-Based POS

    Our cloud-based POS system helps your run your restaurant from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You can check on the inventory, gauge employee performance, menus, marketing and stay up to date on dining trends.
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    Language is No Barrier

    Whether your business is located in Europe or the Middle East, our easy to use, the multilingual user interface allows easy, hassle-free interaction with the system.

    Create a functional multi-user environment

    You can add multiple suppliers, waiters, outlets, and warehouses to the system and manage them all in one place. Share storge information gathered by each computer and allow shared use of software installed on the server.
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    Truly Digital

    With RestroPOS, every aspect of your business is digitalised.

    Menu Management

    Gone are the days of offline menus. With RestroPOS, you get a well-crafted digital menu that allows your customers to place their orders and add combos meals with ease.

    Efficient Table Management

    RestroPOS allows easy table merges and splits on the go. If a customer needs to make changes regarding the placement of their table or wants to share their table with other customers, it can be made possible with RestroPOS’s advanced table management system.

    Kitchen Display Systems for Seamless Order Delivery

    Our advanced Kitchen Display System comes equipped with multiple features to allow a seamless ordering process.

    Have the offline and online orders displayed directly to your kitchen staff for easy order management.

    Allows chefs to mark the orders that have been prepared for consistent order experience.

    Reduce ticket time and ensure the orders are delivered on time.

    Keep Your Customers Coming Back With Restaurant Loyalty Program

    RestroPOS also comes with Restaurant Loyalty Program feature to allow payments from gift cards and coupons. If a customer intends to place their orders using a coupon or wants to create a gift card for later use, the same can be done with the RestroPOS within seconds.
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    Stay on top of your transactions with Analytics and Reporting

    RestroPOS provides you with day-to-day analytic reports on the number of orders placed and customer history, allowing you to retain your customers and enjoy higher revenues.

    Easy & Secure Payment Method

    Seamless Integration with POS

    Easily integrate with preferred payment gateways for online ordering, delivery services, and ERP systems without having to rely on any external software or hardware.

    No More Wait for Billing

    With RestroPOS, you don’t have to keep your customers waiting in queues as the cloud system allows for quick billings and transactions.

    Stay up to date with Inventory and Stock Management

    You can manage your inventory and stock in one place so you always stay ahead of the curve. With RestroPOS, you can easily record and manage your inventory and keep a tab on your stocks and orders.

    Seamless Order Management with Delivery Aggregator Integration

    RestroPOS comes integrated food delivery aggregator allowing for seamless order transition directly to your platform. Manage orders directly from your POS window and save time with automated order conversion. RestroPOS is integrated with Talabat, the largest online ordering platform in the Middle East. You can also choose to enable or disable your outlets to third part aggregators site, in case you are having a busy night.

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